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Leave your land because of that bad land. Go to the city where the people live. Worship God with them! "After thanking him, the murderer of a hundred man went to the country that the scholar demonstrated. The longer he went, the more he left his country, but the land of the righteous people who were still far away. death came inviting and he fell down in the middle of the road ... Angels of Rahmah came with the Angel of Azab. The two quarrel over the killer. "This man goes so far to repent and start a new life with the shalihs. The heart is filled with the hope of God's forgiveness and is deeply regretted of his past remorse ..." said the angel of mercy. The angel of Azab said loudly, "But you know that since he has been converted, he has not done any good at all, so I am more,seborrheic-dermatitis-cause-hair-loss.html,best-seborrheic-dermatitis-shampoo.html

entitled to bring his soul to torture in the tomb!" So God sent another angel. The angel descended into the world in human form. Then, he approached the two angels who were fighting each other. The two angels turned to him and asked for the third angel to intervene. The third angel said, "Measure the distance between the two countries, the land where this man is from, and the land where the righteous are coming. Where this person is closer, to the land he belongs. "So the three of them measure the distance from where the murderer's body lies in each country. In another narrative it is said that at that moment God commanded the homeland of the murderer to depart and send the country the Lord said, "Measure the distance between the two!" So the angels measured
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